Presenter: Beatrice Jarvis

Title: B’fhéidir anseo tá mé saor in aisce. (A study in the possibility of the sensations of home)

Abstract: Making works in isolation in remote isolated environments, Jarvis’s intimate series of landscape embodiment rituals and the practice of long distance walking raise the dichotomy of site-specific practice as potential platform for increased environmental awareness. Reviewing her environmental works in a framework of deconstructive ecopsychology, Beatrice addresses through theoretical and practice based models how far the artist and practice form a dynamic synthesis within the collaborative experience of landscape.

Framing her series of endurance walks across the landscapes of forests of Poland and Wild Atlantic Way in Eire; Jarvis will explore key texts by Berry, Synder, Laban, Mabel E Todd, Gindler and Steiner to question how durational site specific practice addresses notions of affect and effect within the social reception of ambulatory and performance practices as socio cultural platform for cross community ecological representation.

Drawing from her intensive work with local communities in Northern Ireland and Romania, Jarvis will then address how far site specific performance and walking can function as social mechanism and catalyst to aid a sense of heightened connection to both other residents and their ecosystems and terrain.

How can the body can become mirror to its surroundings, asking through embodied practice, photography, film and writing; how does the body become a living archive? How does the discipline of embodied practice reflect the process of the body immersing itself into landscape to construct a meta-narrative of terrain; how can performance be used as a mechanism for cartography to make landscape more accessible as terrain and resource?

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