Presenter: Claire Redgrove

Title: Nature’s Voice: An investigation of a dynamical system – the weather – through drawing

Abstract:  Walking and the drawn line are the starting point of my artistic process, which I have modelled on the working methodology of the 19th century Romantic landscape artists. They are initially used as an exploration and research method that help me immerse myself thoroughly in my chosen landscapes: a grotty ‘edgeland’ at the top of Langstone Harbour near Havant, bordered by the A27 and a sewage works; and my back garden, surrounded by the urban sprawl of suburbia. Walking is a current area of inter-disciplinary research which I use as a catalyst for developing my work as well as a personal existential moment. For me it is not just about the regularity with which I walk, but the quality of the time and contact that I achieve through drawing, photography, observation and being in the landscape whilst there.

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