Presenter: Colin Riley
Title: Soundmarks and Enchantments (In Place)

Abstract:  In Place explores a sense of place in the British Isles; how it informs our cultural identity; shapes our language and dialects; provides both solace and stimulation, and contains histories both universal and personal. It speaks to all corners of the British Isles; Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and England. It also crosses art-form boundaries. Composer Colin Riley is collaborating with writers for whom place is a recurring theme. Each has contributed specially-commissioned texts and these are incorporated in particular ways in each of the ten ‘songs’. The writers are Robert Macfarlane, Paul Farley, Selina Nwulu, Nick Papadimitriou, Jackie Morris, Daljit Nagra, Richard Skelton/Autumn Richardson.

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Colin Riley – In Place from on Vimeo.

Tour poster (2017)