Presenter: Maria Puig Parnau

Title: The border, despite it all

Landscapes of the current Catalan narrative: the value of the border in the work of Vicenç Pagès, Joan Todó and Francesc Serés.

Abstract: We live in a world in which it seems impossible to look upon landscape in the same way that we used to. These days, what we find is a landscape marked by hybridization, fragmentation and imprecision. The dispersed landscapes known as urban sprawl are the result of a number of factors: the rapid expansion in tertiary industries and tourism; the technological revolution; the boom in real estate and even the effects of a certain crisis in public space (Nogué 2009: 120). Our society is defined by movement, intermixing, globalism and speed. Thus, we have landscapes that are ever changing, discontinuous, artificial, cloned and repeated everywhere. It seems, therefore, that it no longer makes sense to speak of the purity of landscapes and that a certain amount of tact is now required when associating a landscape with a narrative of identity in which the individual and society are rooted.

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