Presenter details form


Please tell us exactly how you would like your name to appear in the programme and on your badge. Use of title is optional.
If you would like any other description or the name of your institution, please include it here. This will appear on your badge and in the programme.
Number for a phone you will be carrying with you, in case we need to reach you during the event.
Please confirm for us the nature of your presentation.
Each space will contain a computer, projector, and sound system. You will need to bring anything you want to show on screen on a USB stick (please do not bring CDs, DVDs or your own laptops). The computers are Apple Macs and able to show most common files, including PowerPoint. You will need to arrive at your session at least twenty minutes before the start to ensure there is time for you to load your material onto the computer and make sure it all works.
Please describe in detail anything else you require for your presentation or activity.
Is there anything else you feel we need to know? Much better to tell us now than after you arrive!

If you can, let us know when you are expecting to arrive. This is not required but it helpful to us.