Once you have registered, you can book individual sessions here. Bookings will become available from the middle of January.
The programme is subject to change.

Tuesday, June 28 at The Barrel House Ballroom, Totnes

An optional extra for those from afar arriving early, or for local people who are already here. An evening of readings curated by Mark Leahy and Camilla Nelson and featuring poets and writers who are attending the Symposium (many are also presenting). These include Carol Watts and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, with others still TBC. There will also be a music set from a local sound artist/performer. No advance booking, just come!

Start time: 8pm (doors open 7.30)

Tickets: £2.50 at the door

Directions to the Barrel House



Wednesday, June 29 at Dartington Hall

Details and abstracts

TimeStudio 1Studio 3
09:00Registration (Studio 1 Foyer)
09:40Welcome (Plenary)
09:55Keynote (Plenary) Prof. John Wylie The Distant
10:40Short break
Session 1Session 2
10:45Luke Bennett Standing safely at the edge: risk, law and the landscape sublime Laura Bissell Translating Seascapes
Session 3Session 4
11:30Adam Laity Framing the Anthropocene: Cinematographic Approaches Towards the Ecosublime Landscape Nessie Reid The Milking Parlour
12:00Judith Stewart Anxious Subjects and Melancholy Romantics in a Flat Landscape Carolyn Shapiro Nature as Neighbor: Landscape’s Relation to the Human in Studio Ghibli Films
12:30Nora Wendl The Brief History of a River and its Glass HouseMat Osmond Angels Talking Back: Meinrad Craighead and the Animal Face of God
13:00LUNCH (During lunch there will be an opportunity to spend time in the Soundtent) Drop-in (see map for location))
14:30Keynote (Plenary) Dr.Laura Mayer A Legacy in Landscape: the aesthetic minimalism of Lancelot Capability Brown abstract
Session 5Session 6
15:15Bram Thomas Arnold Actions For & Against NatureGuided/Artist’s showing of work / film screenings. Details available in Foyer and online.
15:45PechaKucha session 1: artist short presentations from
Tom Baskeyfield and Mario Popham, Fay Stevens, Dennis Summer and Debra Hyatt
16:15Short break
16:30Carol Watts Flete: Landscape, Inundation and Poeisis in the Anthropocene
17:00PechaKucha session 2: artist short presentations from Beatrice Jarvis, Simon Lee Dicker, Carol Laidler, Harriet Fraser, Virginia MacKenny and Colin Riley
17:45Plenary session
20:00Plenary: Conversation Hal Moggridge OBE with Charlotte Rathbone
21:30Late night event (readings) with bar
21:30A further opportunity to spend time in the Soundtent Drop-in (see map for location)
21:30Nightpaddle an evening on the River Dart 21.30 – 23.00
Meet on the riverbank at dusk, gather round the fire for some hot chocolate and spell-casting by the performance storyteller, then immerse into the river at night with a silent nightpaddle by canoe down to Totnes.
This event is run by WildWise and costs £25. BOOK HERE. Limited places available.
AT SHARPHAM HOUSE The Coastal Reading Group: We Weave and Heft by the River (details here) ||| Booking is essential BOOK HERE

Thursday, June 30 at Dartington Hall

Details and abstracts

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN BEING AT SHARPHAM HOUSE OR DARTINGTON HALL ON DAY 2. Moving between the two sites is not straightforward, and we have designed the programme to group papers and activities appropriate to each site. Bus transportation will be available (book here) at the beginning and end of the day. If you have not already let us know where you will be spending Day 2, you will be to do so here very soon.

TimeStudio 1 (except where noted)Studio 3 (except where noted)
05:00Dawn listening (still TBC but let us know if you're interested)
As part of this event there will be an opportunity to walk with Grant Smith and Dawn Scarfe and Soundtent.
06:30Yoga session (outdoors weather permitting)
07:30Breakfast (for Dartington Hall residents)
09:30Plenary: Welcome
Session 7Session 8
09:45Sandra Escobar The (negative) sublime: a hermeneutics of contemporary landscapeVeronica Vickery Landscapes of vulnerability: from here to there, from then to now.
10:15Joanna Price Antarctica and the Traumatic Sublime Lyn Baldwin Finding Place: Naturalizing through Field Journal Art
10:45Maria Löschnigg Sublime Oilscapes': Literary Depictions of Landscapes Transformed by the Oil Industry Louise Ann Wilson Creating Warnscale: Applying Dorothy Wordsworth’s Mode of the Feminine Sublime to a Walking Performance about In/Fertility and Childlessness
Session 9Session 10
12:00PechaKucha 3 - artist short presentations from Janike Kempevold Larsen, Stuart Mugridge and Rebecca Partridge.PANEL
Laura Denning Bioacoustics and Sonic Art (live on Soundart Radio 102.5fm)
 This event takes place in the Soundart Radio studio, which is upstairs from our other spaces. Maximum participation is 30, so get a seat early! Otherwise it will be relayed live in the Garden Room area (nearby).
12:30PechaKucha 4 - artist short presentations
Session 11
14:30Booking is essential BOOK HERE
Workshop descriptions are here

Daniel Eltringham Tracing the Pales: walking the several enclosures of North Wood

Beatrice Jarvis B'fhéidir anseo tá mé saor in aisce. (A study in the possibility of the sensations of home) WORKSHOP DOC

Grant Smith & Dawn Scarfe Soundtent: exploring soundscapes around Dartington Hall from a listening lab somewhere on the estate. Using a variety of audio devices, and streaming live. [Additional times posted elsewhere]

Sarah Gray A sound walk on the Dartington Estate (can also be done by individuals at any time - download to come)

Rhys Trimble writing workshop in three parts: Poetics of Spatial & Sublime; Processual Poetics; Poetics of Walking

Swim: Elizabeth Jane Burnett: SWILLOWING: Wild Writing and Swimming in the River Dart

Artist Mark Leahy and botanist Richard Lewis: The Overlooked Specimen: A Herbarium for Schumacher College
16:00Plenary - a summing up
17:05Bus 165 leaves for Totnes and railway station
TBCFor those staying on, there will be an informal event. We don't yet know what or where this will be!

Thursday, June 30 at Sharpham House

Details and abstracts

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN BEING AT SHARPHAM HOUSE OR DARTINGTON HALL ON DAY 2. Moving between the two sites is not straightforward, and we have designed the programme to group papers and activities appropriate to each site. Bus transportation will be available (book here) at the beginning and end of the day. If you have not already let us know where you will be spending Day 2, you will be able to do so here very soon.

TimeOctagonal RoomMaurice Ash Room
08:30Breakfast (for Sharpham House residents)
08:15 AND 9:10Bus to Sharpham leaves from Dartington
09:00Tea/coffee in main entrance hall
09:35Welcome and Introductions (Octagonal Room)
Session 12Session 13
09:45Henrietta Simson Landscape after Landscape: Before the Genre and Beyond the ViewJan van Boeckel The landscape thinks itself in me
10:15Anne Burke: Landscape Forays: stumbling through the sublimeJulio Pastore and Moirika Reker Landscape aesthetics and Landscape Architecture
10:45Simon Warner Landscape as sign languageSamantha Wilson Framing the View: The Aesthetics of Astonishment and Contemplation in the Expanding Industry Surrounding the Appreciation of Nature
Session 14Session 15
11:30Walk with Hal Moggridge OBE
PechaKucha 4 - artist short presentations
Session 16Session 17
12:00Cameron Davis: Thinking the Sublime: Studio Practice Animated by Ecological Emergencies, Emergent Perspectives and an Evolving Understanding of the Human=Nature RelationshipAnna Cottrell Sarah Hall’s Borderlands
12:30Tom Baskeyfield: Shaped by StoneBruno Duarte Physics as Art: Friedrich Schlegel’s History of Nature
Session 18
14:30Booking is essential BOOK HERE
Workshop descriptions are here

Alicia Grace Tickling the Touchstone: how to humour & harness the thorny issues of social exclusivity in Romanticism & Environmental Arts practice

Karis Petty A world within reach: a sensorial anthropology of unseen landscapes and the experience of impaired vision (walk)

Camilla Nelson Developing an Interspecies Language-Making Method (with Trees). A writing workshop

Jonathan Skinner: Intermittent Listening. A listening and writing workshop.


In the Garden Room (booking not required)

Charlotte Rathbone: Soil Tasting Bar
16:00Plenary - summing up
16:30Buses leave for Dartington / Totnes and railway station

Exhibitions (both days) VENUES TBC

Grant Smith: SoundCamp: sound tent
Natalie Joelle: Gleaning Now
Simon Lee Dicker: Weather Station
Nessie Reid: The Milking Parlour



Films (both days, at Dartington Hall only)

The film programme will run in a continuous loop at advertised time during the day and evening.
Nancy Miller: stone
Laura Denning: Liquid Song
Colin Riley: Soundmarks and Enchantments
Marlene Creates: From the Ground Tier to a Sparrow Batch: A Newfoundland Treasury of Terms for Ice and Snow, Blast Hole Pond River, Winter 2012-2013 (26’)
Adam Laity, Debra Hyatt and others


Papers selected for online publication with no presentation at the event:

Ruth Wallen: An Ecological Ethos in Landscape Photography
Andrew Taylor: Motorways and deforestation, Poetries of landscape: the poetics of site specific poetry
Jiani Fan: The “realistic” landscape in Theocritus’ Idyll 1
Maria Puig Parnau:  BORDER’S AESTHETICS: abstract Landscapes of Catalan Contemporary Narrative: the Border in Francesc Serés, Vicenç Pagès and Joan Todó
David Crouch: The liveliness and fluidity of the thing we call landscape.  NOTE that David welcomes feedback on his paper (as he is unable to attend in person) by email at D.C.Crouch@derby.ac.uk.


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