Rhys Trimble: 3-part writing workshop (Dartington)


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A workshop in three sections led by Rhys Trimble. You are signing up for all three (each if which is roughly 30 minutes)

Poetics of Spatial & Sublime
The techniques that both describe and evoke spatial experiences and ‘the sublime’ taken here to mean an ‘overloading of the senses’ as described by Burke and others. Spatial page arrangements, open-field and techniques allied to visual arts and concrete poetry.

Processual Poetics
Based around the concept of ‘Counter expressive poetics.’ A workshop which is derived from Bernadette Mayer’s experiments. (http://writing.upenn.edu/library/Mayer-Bernadette_Experiments.html) The generation of text from other sources and their development into a finished work.

Poetics of Walking
The Welsh word for poem in welsh is ‘cerdd’ which relates to walking ‘cerdded’ the two practices are closely related in a number of cultures. Creative texts based around what is gathered from a specific walk. Includes a walk, so please bring suitable clothing/foorwear. Examination of ‘radical landscape’ poets and their writing practices.

This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Once all places have been booked it will show as ‘sold out’. BOOK NOW

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