Leahy/Lewis: A Herbarium for Schumacher College (Dartington)



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A hands-on exploration of the intersection of scientific and artistic cultures with artist Mark Leahy and botanist Richard Lewis. It will be focussed on the kitchen garden at Schumacher College.  Activities include discussion observing and responding to plants in the garden; collecting plants and making a herbarium specimen; and using language and text to record these experiences and interactions.

The workshop comprises 4 sections:

  • An introduction discussion of weeds, botany and herbaria
  • Exploring the garden and discovering weeds. Studying the weeds in detail, responding to their beauty and wildness, and being open to experiences of awe, the sublime and the divine.
  • Making a herbarium specimen to record the plants found and relevant scientific data.
  • Using language and text to record experiential information about the relationships between people and plants. These will be included alongside scientific data on the specimens’ labels.

This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Once all places have been booked it will show as ‘sold out’. BOOK NOW

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