Camilla Nelson: Making Language with Trees (Sharpham)



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Title: Making Language with Trees
Description:  Making Language with Trees with poet Camille Nelson considers the significance of human language in relation to ‘[t]he everlasting universe of things’ (Shelley, ‘Mont Blanc’).

Making Language with Trees offers a series of embodied and perceptually attentive interactions with a tree in order to discover how it is that marks, movements and sounds are made by and with a tree. Each participant will be encouraged to engage their full body and all of their senses in this exploration and to use these findings to devise a short language performance to share with the group (as you wish). The aim of the workshop is to use this creative exploration as a practical stimulus for discussion of what it might mean to make a language that emerges between organisms rather than viewing human language as something that emerges in isolation.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. Once all places have been booked it will show as ‘sold out’. BOOK NOW

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