SOUND TENT (by Soundcamp)



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SoundCamp will be exploring soundscapes around Dartington Hall from a listening lab in a tent on the edge of thSOUNTe gardens. We will use a variety of audio devices,  live streaming with mobiles and Raspberry Pi’s.

The Third Landscape – an undetermined fragment of the Planetary Garden -designates the sum of the space left over ..(délaissé) .., transitional spaces, neglected land (friches), swamps, moors, peat bogs, but also  roadsides, shores, railroad embankments… (Clément)

Victor Hugo called it “bastard countryside”. The landscape theorist Alan Berger called it “drosscape”. The artist Philip Guston called it “crapola”. And the environmentalist Marion Shoard called it “edgeland”, … (McFarlane)

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. Once all places have been booked it will show as ‘sold out’. BOOK NOW

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