Travel from afar

If you’re travelling from outside the UK and are unfamiliar with our transportation system, the information here may help.

You are heading to satnav (postcode) TQ9 6EA

The nearest international airport is Exeter. This is quite a small airport mostly serving domestic and European destinations.
There is also an international airport at Bristol. However there are significant disadvantages to using this airport to get to Devon because the train station (which is in the City Centre) requires a 90-minute bus journey from the airport.

You will probably find you are better off flying into London Heathrow, and then taking the Heathrow Express which takes you direct to Paddington Station. From there you can catch a direct train to Totnes. Schumacher College is a 5-minute taxi ride from Totnes station.

When you book a rail ticket to Totnes, you should be able to include the Heathrow Express journey as part of the ticket but you will need to request that specifically. Otherwise you will be routed via London Underground, which takes a long time and involves stairs and/or escalators. You want to avoid that!

You may be able to book your rail ticket here, although as you are booking from outside the UK you may not be able to. Instead, search for any company in your own country who can sell you tickets for travel on British Railways.

If you have any questions beyond this, you’re probably better off consulting a local travel agent than asking us.



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